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At Cameron Facilities, we take pride in going beyond conventional facility management.

We are thrilled to introduce you to our unique wellness program, incorporating the ancient arts of Kung Fu and Tai Chi, designed not only to enhance physical well-being but also to contribute significantly to mental health and overall wellness.

Discover the Cameron Difference: Elevating Mental Health Through Martial Arts

In addition to our comprehensive facility management services, we believe in fostering a workplace environment that prioritizes the mental health and wellness of our staff. That's why we've integrated Kung Fu and Tai Chi into our program.

Unlock Your Potential with Kung Fu and Tai Chi

Embark on a journey that transcends the physical. Our Kung Fu and Tai Chi practices are not just about building strength; they are powerful tools for enhancing mental health. Imagine cultivating a state of calm alertness, improved sleep, clarity of thought, quick reflexes, prolonged
concentration, and boosted energy levels. These ancient arts are not just exercises— they are pathways to mental resilience and balance.
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Why Kung Fu and Tai Chi Matter for Mental Health

Perceived as ``hard and fast`` and ``slow and graceful`` respectively, Kung Fu and Tai Chi offer more than just physical benefits.

The harmonious blend of power and grace in these practices extends beyond the body, influencing mental well-being. Both disciplines provide a sanctuary for the mind, fostering a sense of peace and clarity that transcends the challenges of the modern workplace.

  • Stress Reduction: Learn techniques to manage stress and cultivate mental resilience.
  • Mind-Body Connection: Foster a deeper connection between mind and body for enhanced well-being.
  • Mindful Presence: Develop mindfulness through the slow, deliberate movements of Tai Chi.
  • Empowerment: Build confidence and inner strength through the discipline of Kung Fu.

Enhancing Wellness Through Culturally Informed Care: The Barrowa Consultancy Approach

In our continuous effort to support and promote mental health and wellness, we are proud to introduce our partnership with Barrowa Consultancy, a beacon of culturally safe and trauma-informed care in the wellness landscape. Founded by Rayleen Councillor, an Indigenous Engagement expert, Barrowa Consultancy is dedicated to fostering healing and understanding through its specialized programs.

Our Partnership Focus

Barrowa Consultancy stands out for its commitment to providing a culturally secure space where conversations catalyze healing. Under Rayleen’s guidance, the consultancy offers programs meticulously designed to serve anyone working to support Indigenous communities. These initiatives are deeply informed by an understanding of trauma and are tailored to nurture cultural sensitivity, operating from a strength-based perspective.

Featured Programs

  • We Al-Li Trauma Informed Care & Practice: Spearheaded by Rayleen in Western Australia, this program enhances worker skills through an Indigenous lens, focusing on trauma awareness and cultural sensitivity.
  • Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid: Rayleen’s expertise as a trained facilitator empowers individuals with the skills to offer preliminary mental health support, prioritizing cultural respect and understanding.
  • Binyadi Nomor: Originating from Rayleen’s Naaguja language, meaning 'conflict', this program addresses conflict resolution for both adults and children, showcasing the power of Indigenous wisdom in fostering understanding and peace.
  • Minding Our Kids: Inspired by Rayleen’s mother, this program aims to safeguard children's well-being, reflecting on the historical injustices faced by the Stolen Generations and emphasizing the importance of care and safety for the young.

About Rayleen Councillor

Rayleen’s qualifications speak volumes about her dedication and expertise. With a Master of Indigenous Knowledge from Charles Darwin University and a suite of other certifications, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her work. Rayleen’s participation in international forums, like the Healing Our Spirit conference, along with her commitment to ongoing learning, highlights her role as a thought leader in Indigenous Engagement and wellness and mental health.

Why Choose Barrowa Consultancy?

Choosing Barrowa Consultancy means stepping into a space where cultural safety and trauma-informed care pave the way for healing and empowerment. Rayleen’s approach, deeply rooted in Indigenous methodologies and personal experience, offers a comprehensive path to wellness that respects cultural identities and harnesses their strength in the healing process.

We are excited to partner with Barrowa Consultancy and Rayleen Councillor, inviting our community to explore the transformative potential of culturally informed care. Together, we look forward to making strides in mental health and wellness, guided by the profound insights and leadership of Rayleen Councillor.

Join us in embracing a journey toward enhanced wellness through the unique and powerful programs offered by Barrowa Consultancy.

Improve Workplace Wellness with Chinese Medicine

In the fast-paced work environment, especially in fields like mining, staying healthy is important. Chinese Medicine, with its roots in ancient practices, now plays a big part in modern health care, approved by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA). This provides you a peace of mind knowing that each Practitioner is qualified and regulated by the Australian Regulatory Authority.
Care Tailored to You

Everyone’s different, and Chinese Medicine gets that. It offers care that’s just right for you, helping ease symptoms, even when regular tests don’t show anything.

What Chinese Medicine Offers

Chinese Medicine can make a difference in the workplace by offering:

Featured Programs

  • Quick Help for Pain: Getting on top of pain early means less time off work and more getting done.
  • Natural Ways to Handle Pain: These methods aim to get to the bottom of why you’re in pain, offering relief without the need for drugs.
  • Stress Relief: It’s great for dealing with stress, which can cause all sorts of problems like bad sleep, stomach issues, and muscle pain.
  • Overall Health Boost: Regular visits can help catch small health issues before they turn into big ones, keeping you healthier and happier.

Meet Dr. Marie Hopkinson:
Your Guide to Chinese Medicine

Dr. Marie Hopkinson has spent over 22 years helping people feel better with Chinese Medicine. She teaches others and talks about it on her own podcast channel. She’s all about using the best and safest herbal medicines in her practice.
Marie’s approach isn’t just about fixing what’s currently wrong with your health, it’s about keeping you well in the long run. She’s passionate about helping you live your healthiest life with the help of acupuncture and herbal medicine. To know more about her services you may contact her directly at

Join the Cameron Wellness Community!

Step into a community where mental well-being is not just acknowledged but actively cultivated. At Cameron Facilities, we understand the importance of a healthy mind in a thriving workplace. By embracing the ancient traditions of Kung Fu and Tai Chi, we invite you to embark on a journey that not only strengthens the body but nurtures the mind.

Together, let’s redefine workplace wellness— where excellence and mental well-being coexist seamlessly. Experience the fusion of excellence and wellness at Cameron Facilities – because your mental health matters.

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