Defects And Audit Inspection Reports

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Ready to Get Proactive Against Building Defects?

It’s important to have a comprehensive, accurate assessment of your property at all times, as some of the most troublesome (and costly) defects can occur under the surface. If you catch these issues early and you can immediately rectify them at minimal cost, but leaving them untreated and unresolved can be disastrous to your business in the long run. Today’s $500 problem can wind up costing $5,000 or $50,000 in the future.

A professional inspection and audit from Cameron Facilities is a great way to ensure that you solve problems sooner rather than later. Our expert-level defect reports give you a convenient breakdown of all the issues that can potentially impact your building in the future, freeing you up to make prudent, cost-effective decisions.

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Cost-Effective, Custom Inspections

At Cameron Facilities, we tailor each inspection to the needs of each client. If your Strata Building has a theatre or a shared standard room, we will inspect them thoroughly. If you own a 20+ story high rise, we will use commercial drones to get the aerial view required to file our report. Whatever the case, our team always goes above and beyond to put the right info in your hands.
These audits can also be used as an evaluation tool before purchasing commercial or residential real estate.

Inspection Scope

Each defect inspection covers the following areas of the property in question:
  • Inspection for Structural Defects, Safety Issues, and Expected Maintenance Costs
  • Roof Inspection (Commercial Drones Used for High Rise Buildings)
  • Exterior Inspection (Includes Walls, Fences, and Stairs)
  • Interior Inspection (Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Stairs, and Foyers
  • Inspection of Carparks, Carports, and Garages
  • Inspection of Property Facilities (Gym, Laundry, Bin Areas, Shared Spaces, etc.)

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