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Prepare for the future with maintenance plans, audit inspection reports, and more

Solve problems before they start costing you money

Facilities management is about more than just staying a step ahead of inspectors. By ensuring compliance with all relevant codes and practices, you improve the functionality, safety, and efficiency of your buildings.

Using the Cameron Facilities FM-PMS (Property Management System), we provide clients representing mining sites, strata apartments and commercial office buildings with customised long-term facility management solutions that translate into more money in your pocket.

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NEXT-GEN Services. NEXT-GEN Tools

In addition to our impactful FM-PMS portal, Cameron Facilities leverages the latest technologies to ensure that your needs are not only met, but exceeded. We take this commitment seriously – we even deploy commercial drones to analyse and inspect high-rise rooftops when a regular inspection is not possible.
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Facility Management Solutions

Defect Inspections

We inspect your site with our mobile platform and report all facility defects.

Contractor Management

Manage contractors in real-time using our mobile Facility Management portal

Facility Audit Inspections

Tap into periodic digital audit lists to optimise and improve property management.

Asset Management

Seamlessly integrate and manage contractor schedules, manufacturer specifics, and more.

10 Year Maintenance Plans

Prepare for the future with a Strata Complex 10-Year Maintenance Plan that fully complies with all Australian Standards.

The Strata Management Info You Need,
At A Price You Can Afford

Our comprehensive, cost-effective facility management solutions include
inspections of the following areas (as applicable):


Roof Covers and Roof Plumbing


Roof Spaces and Above Ceilings


Exterior Walls, Fences, and Stairs


Carparks, Carports, and Garages


Interior Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Stairs, and Foyers


Property Facilities (Gym, Laundry, Bin Areas, etc.)

Prepare Your Facility for the Future Today

With 20 years of professional experience in building management, the Cameron Facilities team has what it takes to help you stay ahead. Reach out today to discover what a Strata Complex 10-Year Maintenance Plan can do for your bottom line.

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